The 3 I’s To Success: Ideas, Individuals & Innovation

74. The-3-I’s-To-Success-Ideas,-Individuals-&-Innovation

The American government and many economists have gotten it wrong. The launch of a successful business and employment creation does not stem from the efforts of big business. In fact, the big corporations are sitting on more cash than ever in their history and the job market is not growing in the industrialized segment of the economy.The question, why? has not been answered, and it will not be until we look seriously at the role of the entrepreneur in business the world over. Continue reading “The 3 I’s To Success: Ideas, Individuals & Innovation”

How To Brand Like An Idiot [Without Even Knowing It]

77. Branding From The Perspective Of Your Customer

Have you or do you possibly know of someone who created a product or service that they thought was going to be groundbreaking, only to find out that when they launched it, it was not only not the hit they expected but rather found it not to be a hit at all? I know I did.

It happened to me in the very first business that I had back in 1991, a clothing brand I started with my partner Gary while we were in college. Continue reading “How To Brand Like An Idiot [Without Even Knowing It]”



In today’s video post, I talk about The Power Of Outsourcing and some  ways to utilize outsourcing to delegate responsibilities, help manage our agendas and keep us focused on growing our business.

Continue reading “THE POWER OF OUTSOURCING (PART 1)”


2. Amplify your website

Websites have gone from technically too difficult, to even a 6th grader can do it. Creating a website is fairly easy to do but that’s not really the point, is it. Or is it? People in general tend to separate creativity and strategy for some reason.

Creative people think it’s a visual aesthetic only. Web strategists, on the other hand see function, layout and navigation. Continue reading “6 SOLUTIONS TO AMPLIFY YOUR WEBSITE”