The Courage To Fail At What You Want


I recently watched a speech that the  great actor/comedian Jim Carrey gave at The Maharishi University of Management. In his speech, there is a section where he discusses his own personal experience with both the pain of taking the safe route versus following your passion and going after what you want & love.

In this post I wanted to re-enforce what he said in hopes to motivate you to keep up your passion, never give up on what you believe and go after what you want (& love).

I have included a link to the entire Jim Carrey video here. Go to the 11:18 minute mark and see what he had to say and judge for yourself and give me your thoughts.

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The Insane Power Of Singular Focus


Staying focused on a single goal is one of the hardest parts of being an entrepreneur. It is also without question, one of the most important ingredients necessary in order to achieve any level of success in business and in life.

In today’s post, I talk about a video Tyler Perry posted a number of years ago which not only explains the insane power of singular focus but also how he was able to use that focus to achieve his tremendous level of success.

If you have watched the video above, I strongly recommend watching Tyler Perry’s video, here.


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The Entrepreneur’s Definition of Murphy’s Law


The power of Murphy’s Law and, most importantly, whether it can hold you back or help move you forward in your entrepreneurial journey all depends upon your definition and perspective of the word.

In today’s post, I discuss the entrepreneur’s definition of Murphy’s law, and how viewing it through the proper lens will allow you to not only prevent it from holding you back, but also give you power over it so you can make it work for you to achieve your goals.


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