Don’t Create A Startup, Create A Conspiracy!


Today it seems like we’re in a churn and burn state of mind. I look across the myriad of start-ups that pop up every second on the second, and begin to think that speed has become a strategy over quality. To a certain degree that strategy works, but it works at the expense of quality and differentiation.

Building on that strategy is not a failure but a bad case of self inflicted poor decisions that starts off as a bad cold and ends ultimately in death. A slow death is better because the pain is negligible – for most people.

Success hinges on investment, and return relies on compounding. The entrepreneurs that would rather go the slow death route are investing time, money and resources that slowly but surely kill off their companies. Those mis-guided decisions compounded over time return nothing, nada and eventually end in despair.

The Entrepreneur’s Mission

 To avoid sickness and hopefully death we must start at the beginning and ask, “Why do entrepreneurs (you) become entrepreneurs?”

After reading Peter Thiel’s book Zero to One, he stated, that the function of an entrepreneur is ‘to conspire to change the world.’ Those are big shoes to fill for anyone to get their mind around. I know that wasn’t my frame of mind when I started my first business. Was it yours – is it yours? I probably would have folded up the tent long ago and trekked back home to a cozy 9-to-5 – which I’ve done before.

On that trek (process) I lost something and gained something else. I learned how to do what everyone else was doing (loss), and simultaneously learned that agreement by large committee is strategic dilution. In other words, if enough piranhas pick at something (self interests) long enough an idea goes from being a living and breathing process to a carcass with only remnants left of the original idea.

Obviously there are exceptions but how many brands keep the process an inspirational journey throughout.

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Creating A Conspiracy

 I learned that entrepreneurs start businesses because they believe things can be done differently and ultimately better. The art of bringing an idea to market without dilution is why entrepreneurs exist. So yes, conspiracy is a good word to use when talking about entrepreneurs.

No matter whether you’re a mom and pops startup, or the next Facebook, your modus operandi is the same – to create new thinking clear of traditional thinking. When it’s all said and done, a startup’s survival and eventual growth depends on continuous radical (I stop using disruptive) thinking.

This thinking starts with a question that entrepreneurs must ask, what do we do exceptionally well compared to our competition? That’s where the conspiracy starts.

–       Apple

–       GoPro

–       Under Armour

–       AirBnB

–       Facebook

–       Tesla

–       Virgin

–       And many others

These brands did not start as startups. They were(are) conspirators. They dominated a niche with a new way of thinking, and then scaled. Business plan done!

Tom Peters once said, “Why would you plan to be like someone else one year from now today – to be a year behind?”

Amen Tom!

The Takeaway

 Be a trailblazer! To copy is not a form of flattery; it’s a means to a disastrous end. Iteration is good – if it’s significant. Take rational big risks. Don’t be afraid to fall flat on your face – your face will get used to it. There was a point you couldn’t walk, ride a bike… you fell, but you also learned how to advance.

Creating and building a conspiracy takes the same process!

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Stay hungry, & HUSTLE HARD!


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