Why Creative Excellence Is The Difference Between Being Distinct & Extinct

36. Why Creative Excellence Is The Difference Between Being Distinct & Extinct

Creative excellence is one of my favorite topics to talk about as I truly believe it is the single most important aspect of EVERY business. When you look at market leaders I have found that exceptional design and creativity is the differentiator that sets them apart from fray.

FAILURE: The University of Entrepreneurs

42. FAILURE The University of Entrepreneurs

In this video post I discuss how most professions have formal resources like colleges and training to obtain a foundation in specific areas of expertise, but entrepreneurs can only rely on failures to serve as their aspect of learning. I continue to discuss how iconic figures have used the “University of Failure” to go on to become successful.

Nastiest 4 Letter Word For Entrepreneurs: Q-U-I-T

58. Nastiest 4 Letter Word For Entrepreneurs Q-U-I-T

Sometimes you get unexpected inspiration for a post. This one came from one my weekly runs in the park. In this video I discuss why and what makes us quit both as people and as entrepreneurs, and how we can beat that voice that tells us to quit. It is in our moments of weakness where we can have our most profound victories.

There Is No Such Thing As An Expert!

63. There Is No Such Thing As An Expert!

In this video, I talk about how there is no such thing as an expert. No matter how much skill, knowledge or talent you may have at something, there is always someone who is doing it better than you. The importance of knowing this is that you can use this knowledge as a tool to motivate yourself to be better in everything you do.




Regret: The Entrepreneur’s Kryptonite

64. Regret The Entrepreneur’s Kryptonite

In this video I talk about how regret is the ultimate Kryptonite for entrepreneurs. Lately, I have been thinking about the many things I would regret if I didn’t pursue them, which has enabled me to gain a firmer footing on where I want to go and how to do it. I thought this would be a great post for those of you out there that are going through “entrepreneurs block!”

If Your Brand Could Speak, What Would It Say?

68. If Your Brand Could Speak, What Would It Say?

In this video, I talk about the importance of brand messaging and why what you say and/or what you don’t say about your brand could send mixed signals to potential customers. I was sitting in an Apple store when I realized some key aspects that a lot of new businesses don’t invest enough time thinking about when it comes to creating brand value.

Social Media Is Not Your Platform

79. Social Media Is Not Your Platform

There is a common misconception that many people have when using social media, as they make the mistake of thinking that social media is their platform. In this video I explain the importance of not only understanding that social media is not their platform, but also the necessity to use social media as a tool to drive people to their own platform; their website.

How Big Is Your Rolodex?

81. How Big Is Your Rolodex?

In today’s video, I talk about an invaluable lesson on the power of outreach that I learned a number of years ago from a potential investor that I was pursuing at the time. Since that lesson, I have found that most people look at their power of outreach the wrong way as it’s not so much the number of contacts you may have, but the number of contacts your contacts have that truly defines your outreach.



In today’s video post, I talk about The Power Of Outsourcing and some  ways to utilize outsourcing to delegate responsibilities, help manage our agendas and keep us focused on growing our business.

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