What NOT To Do When Raising Capital: The Jack of All Trades … Is a Jackass

41. What-NOT-To-Do-When-Raising-Capital-The-Jack-of-All-Trades-Is-a-Jackass

When pursuing an investment for one of my fashion brands, Gary and I met with a gentleman who represented a group of investors.

The man was recommended by a friend in the financial world who knew of several companies the man had successfully completed securing investments for over that past year. We were happy to know that the man was on a roll, and had credibility as far as raising money. Continue reading “What NOT To Do When Raising Capital: The Jack of All Trades … Is a Jackass”

Entrepreneurs: Risky is The New Safe

49. Entrepreneurs-Risky-is-The-New-Safe

Traditionally, ‘taking the safe route’ in your career meant, quite simply, working for someone else. We have realized over the past six years or so that a significant amount of these ‘safe’ people with ‘safe’ jobs have found themselves out of work and in a world of trouble.

The reality is, when sh?t hits the fan, who is the person being let go, the owner of the business or the employees? I think you know the answer to that one. Continue reading “Entrepreneurs: Risky is The New Safe”