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MJ Gottlieb

MJ Gottlieb

I help brands differentiate themselves from the competition

MJ Gottlieb is a serial entrepreneur having owned and operated four clothing brands, a sales agency and strategic consulting firm over the last 24 years. MJ works with large scale brands and individuals as well as smaller brands and start-ups in need of establishing a brand presence. MJ’s primary focus is working to establish brand leverage for both pre-revenue and early-stage startups to increase their brand value. This includes developing a strong business model, establishing a strong platform and digital presence, identifying potential ancillary revenue streams, establishing traction and proof of concept, as well as, (when necessary) developing comprehensive business prospectus’ to increase brand equity before seeking capital investment.

Current projects: MJ is currently working with Daymond John and Shark Branding on The Power Of Broke book launch campaign as well as handling the community management platform for The Power of Broke Brand Ambassador Program.

MJ Gottlieb

Gary O’Neil

I start with asking clear and relevant questions to achieve optimal results

Gary O’Neil is a seasoned product and brand development leader with 20+ years experience who exemplifies the integration of product design and creative branding. He has been called a "Branded Product Designer” - and that may not be a traditional job title, but believes it reflects todays shifting marketplace - multi-dimensional integrate dskill-sets. Gary has a blended skill-set of business acumen and creative tenacity.

Diverse working experiences have created Gary into a multi-faceted business professional spanning several business segments. This includes managing a $400 mill business (6 brands) at JCPenney and working as the creative lead for Russell Simmons along with maintaining licensee integrity. In addition, Gary formed Hustle Branding with partner MJ Gottlieb in an effort to help businesses realize their potential from a business and creative standpoint. This effort has lead to working on brand projects for Magic Johnson Enterprises, Major League Football, New York Life, Under Armour


Ralph McDonald

Branding your video comes from artistic passion. Value comes from innovation. Let's hustle.

For over 10 years I have managed the implementations of large software systems. Before that I configured the implementations. Along the way the passion for filming only increased as I was exposed to more diverse and exciting environments. For Hustle Branding I looked at how we could achieve professional video production through software, automation and remote control. Good video begins with great camera work. Telling a story begins with a vision.

I create custom solutions by drawing on broad experience and embracing new technologies.

Darian West has been a professional web developer for 11 years. He began working in HTML/CSS and then moved into CMS (Content Management System) based development, primarily in Drupal and Joomla. After that, he began working extensively in Wordpress, creating custom themes and plugins as solutions to client needs. For 5 years, Darian has also focused on mobile app development, largely in MEAN (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and NodeJS) as well as native plugin development for Phonegap/Ionic. Darian has created everything from large enterprise level websites to small educational apps.


Darian West

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