How to Ruin a Business Without Really Trying

How To Ruin A Business Without Really Trying is the first book of The Lemon-Aide Guide, a series I created that focuses on stories of people and companies who have turned previous failures into current successes.

5 Brilliant But Simple Ways To Build An Authentic and Relevant Brand

The world of business has forever changed amidst the numerous platforms and channels that have invaded our personal space with the intent on selling us something. Most companies don’t understand the etiquette or the unspoken rules that govern these prolific social watering holes that we call Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… and it’s only a matter of […]

Why Successful Entrepreneurs Consider Adversity The Breakfast Of Champions

Failure and setbacks continue to ‘appear’ as giant hurdles that seem impossible to overcome. If only we realized that setbacks are opportunities for us to grow! I recently looked at my own progress in this area, and started to link my success to my ability to find silver linings in otherwise tough situations. Once you […]

The 5 Super Skills Of Great Leaders

Last year, I started following the interesting content provided by Fishbowl CEO David Williams and President Mary Michelle Scott. I quickly became fascinated with their perspective on running a business because it felt real, down to earth, and gusty.  This amazing company dared to try new things and share what they were learning with the […]

6 Compelling Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Start In Garages

Steve Jobs started his company from a family garage in California. Jeff Bezos from Amazon did the same thing in Washington. So did Larry page from Google. As did the founders of Mattel toys, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft and Dell Computer. Not a bad roster, huh? There’s a brilliance in what garages have to offer. Recently, […]

The Ultimate Screw-Up’s Guide To Failing Forward

I went to college at University of Colorado. The end of my sophomore year, I moved off-campus with a bunch of guys, one who’s name was Tom. I hated Tom (understatement). I think it was probably because he had the one thing that I hated more than arrogance… unjustifiable arrogance. He had ABSOLUTELY no reason […]

How To Lose A Business in 24 Hours

Losing a business in less than 24 hours is easier than you may think. Just to clarify, I’m not talking about a business that is defined by simply printing up business cards with a company name and a fancy, impressive (albeit fake) title. I’m talking about a living, breathing, revenue-generating business with actual sales receipts […]