Daymond John’s, ‘Power of Broke’

Many people believe that the main ingredient necessary to get a business off the ground is money. In today’s video I discuss Daymond John’s new upcoming release, The Power of Broke which offers incredible insight into the the hidden power that entrepreneurs have at their disposal which unfortunately they do not recognize.

Daymond uses case studies to highlight some of the most incredible success stories of entrepreneurs that had absolutely nothing to do with money and everything to do with utilizing resources and hustle to get their businesses off the ground.

I also discuss why his two previous books, Display of Power and The Brand Within should be required reading for every aspiring entrepreneur and small business to properly prepare you for the journey ahead.

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“MJ takes a new and exciting approach on how to teach entrepreneurs.”

Daymond John
Co-host of ABC's, 'Shark Tank'

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4 thoughts on “Daymond John’s, ‘Power of Broke’

  1. Powerful concept. I strongly believe that desperation often leads to wonderful inspiration. I look forward to reading the books thank you for the offer.

    1. Thanks Lauren. The principles and lessons in the book are very inspiring. I believe you will enjoy it very much! … and you are right, desperation is often opportunity in disguise. Best- MJ

  2. Am looking to getting a copy of this book. Branding is one of most under-rated principles in any business; Thank you for sharing the insights of this book

    1. You are welcome James. Yes Daymond’s book, The Brand Within is a phenomenal book on the subject as it stresses the importance that you are a reflection of your brand in everything you do. Best- MJ

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