A Look Inside The Extraordinary Hustle of Shark Tank’s Daymond John

I have always known Daymond to possess extreme hustle, a trait I believe is essential for the success of every entrepreneur. A few years back, however, when I started doing some things with Daymond again I noticed that his hustle had even increased and I wasn’t quite sure why.

Why would someone who doesn’t need to hustle anymore increase his hustle?

While there are many different reasons why people hustle, I believe hustle is inside the DNA of every true entrepreneur. Just because you start a business does not mean you are an entrepreneur as many people try the entrepreneurial route only to realize it was not for them.

Entrepreneurs go through far more valleys than peaks and it is the hustle inside them that pushes them to never give up and never give in. That does not mean entrepreneurs don’t stop to re-gather, re-assess and re-strategize. It is well documented that Daymond did that a number of times before finally correcting his mistakes and finding his way to the other side.

While many entrepreneurs have initial hustle, I believe in order to keep the hustle the reasons why you hustle change. That is where I found the answer to these questions I was asking myself…

Why does Daymond keep hustling… & why in the world is he even hustling harder now when he clearly doesn’t have to?

Let’s look at 3 types of hustle Daymond has possessed and the type of hustle he has that keeps re-inventing his need to hustle even more today than ever before.

1) The Hustle To Secure Your Mask First

Any entrepreneur worth his or her own salt will tell you the importance of securing the mask tightly around you before securing the mask around other people. The reason is simple… you can’t help anyone if you can’t help yourself.

Back when I met Daymond 20 years ago, he didn’t even have a full set of samples. To go from that point to where he is now takes such insane hustle I can write a book about it. Luckily, I don’t have to, since he beat me to the punch and told the whole story in his first book, Display of Power which should be required reading for every entrepreneur.

While his hustle in the beginning may have been more for monetary reasons (as I believe it should have been), I believe his hustle now is for different reasons.

2) The Hustle To Be The Best of The Best

One big reason for Daymond’s hustle today is that he has a tremendous appetite to be the best of the best in the branding world.

It is important to note that this ‘shark-like appetite’ (pardon the pun) to be the best does not come from a yearning for the praise of others, but rather because it is a demand he puts on himself to constantly elevate his game.

Branding is his stomping ground, he owns it, and he hustles harder than anyone I know to learn more every day.  He has a passion to create great brands, make good brands great and make great brands even greater.

3) Hustling To Help Others

Today, I notice a huge motivator for Daymond’s hustle is how much he genuinely loves seeing other people succeed around him. Now that he has secured his mask financially so to speak, he has the opportunity to help others experience the joy of success. That is one of the traits I admire the most about him.

I remember I took a ride to Baltimore with him this summer to visit someone he was mentoring and, for a good stretch of the ride he was talking about how excited he was to be in a position to help others.

I sit in a meeting once a week with Daymond and his team (if Daymond isn’t traveling) and Daymond is so proud of the wins as he sees how it is changing lives. Not just the lives of the people in the room, but the lives of the people who each department represents. In a given meeting, one leader from one division may be talking about a win that helped 50 people. Go around the room and the numbers add up.

Daymond is making a lot of people successful, however he never takes the credit as he always gives it to the team. Yes, of course the team deserves it… but so does he.

4) Extreme Hustle= Little Sleep

I normally go to sleep around 1130 and wake up around 5am. I’ve tried to cut the hours but I can’t. Many times when reach out to Daymond, I’ll see his response in the morning and notice he sent the reply around 2 or 3 in the morning… and then I see him doing his entrepreneur roll call at 5am! (If you don’t know about his entrepreneur roll call follow him on Facebook here.)

How in the world can someone get 2-3 hours of sleep and still keep it moving without skipping a beat?

I think you know the answer to that… HUSTLE

The Wrap Up

Most entrepreneurs learn to delegate responsibilities as their businesses grow however no entrepreneur can ever delegate his or her own hustle.

Hustle, in my opinion, is the secret ingredient, “the fire” that keeps the dream going within every entrepreneur. If that fire goes out, you will never have that secret ingredient to push you through the stumbling blocks and overcome the bumps, lumps, scrapes and bruises to come out the other side.

Do you have a quick story of hustle you can share that may help someone reading this post?

Have a great day & HUSTLE HARD!



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12 thoughts on “A Look Inside The Extraordinary Hustle of Shark Tank’s Daymond John

  1. Great article! Is it wrong for my number 1 drive to be just freedom and time with my family, not so much money!

    1. I believe there is absolutely nothing wrong with that at all Farah! I don’t think Daymond’s motivation is money but rather to make a difference. You making a difference with your family is equally as valuable. Thanks for your comment. Keep up your drive and dedication to your family. Best- MJ

  2. I have a small business and for me it was to hustle hard to get my Brand out there. I drove many miles to make sure my brand was showing in video’s, album covers, models, & even my customers. I would stop n sell in a parking lot or swap meet i would be up all hours of the night thinking how to make the brand better how to get more traffic to me without a website but social media. I was willing to do whatever it took/takes to get my DREAMS. And for that #iamrelentlessdreams. Thank you Daymond.

  3. Love this MJ:

    After a few learning-businesses, I am developing my company while also in the last stages of recovery from a serious illness. Hustle to me is working on my business plan at 4 in the morning when everyone else is asleep. You can’t quench this fire over here!

    Take care,
    Julie, O.T.

    1. Glad to hear it Julie! … and glad you are feeling better! Congratulations on your recovery and congrats on your hustle! Have a great night.

      Best- MJ

  4. My story begins with a “life changing decision” as all good and bad stories do. I made a mistake and married the wrong man so I was determined to break free, get a divorce. We had two babies ages one and two at the time. He did not make it easy he would not let me go. In his effort to make me stay with him he took everything all the money all of my security gone. But I wanted my freedom I chose the battle and it was painful, stressful and powerful at the same time. I grew up and I don’t mean like a child to an adult I mean as in courageous and strong. I worked it out. Exercise became my best friend and positive thinking was the only tool I had for survival. I gave up on people and relied on my higher power to see me through my difficulties. I found my purpose within this struggle for independence and freedom. I lived and breathed “Someday!” My dreams sustained me with hope,they nourished me with holding on power. Health, Happiness and Success come from lifestyle, character and hard work. You can’t have one without the other. That’s my 3 plus 3 plan and the force behind my hustle. Thank you for sharing & caring it makes us all grow up!

  5. At age 33 my kidneys failed and my irregular heart beat worsened. I then had 3 heart attacks, 3 strokes, and a series of epileptic seizures. My family wanted me to stay in the house. I have always been a workaholic and staying inside seemed impossible. I was in school for nursing but because of frequent hospitalization I was dismissed. I was frazzled. I didn’t know what my next course of action would be. I became depressed. I was a caged bird. After the last stroke my doctor told me I had to do somthing to stop the episodes or I might not make it through the the next coronary distress. She recommended yoga. I was no stranger to yoga. I’d practiced with my parents as a child. I was a ballerina and we practiced yoga. I was also very athletic and missed my workout. I took a few classes. I felt so good, so strong. I decided to take teacher training against my families wishes. My father was behind me 100%. He was the one that introduced me to yoga. A few times in teacher training I was so weak he literally carried me inside. I often fell asleep in class because of medication or illness. The other students admired my perseverance and would share their notes. I made it! Yoga has thus improved my health and proven to be a thriving business opportunity. I am able to improve my health and help others in the process. Since I am still awaiting transplant I opened a home studio. On my bad days I can still have class because my students come to me! Because of my health issues I have fallen into several entrepreneurship. I have been awaiting transplant 6 years. 3business entities of my own and one with my 11 year old daughter. God puts you in the position to receive your blessings. You just have to be awake, alert, and aware.

    1. What an incredible inspirational story you have Niesha. I love what you said at the end. Often times we are not aware of the blessings we have. I will stay awake! Thanks for reminding me of that. Have a great day! – MJ

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