The 1 Critical Question That Entrepreneurs Must Answer To Be Successful


In this video, I talk about a very important question that many businesses and startups have trouble answering. I consider this question a very important one in building a successful business.

The majority of the answers come back as a laundry list of what they do. Of course, this response does not answer the most critical question facing a businesses  success and its eventual differentiation proposition. Ultimately, we all have to answer this question – because if we don’t our customer will surely do it for us.

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The Entrepreneur’s Definition of Murphy’s Law


The power of Murphy’s Law and, most importantly, whether it can hold you back or help move you forward in your entrepreneurial journey all depends upon your definition and perspective of the word.

In today’s post, I discuss the entrepreneur’s definition of Murphy’s law, and how viewing it through the proper lens will allow you to not only prevent it from holding you back, but also give you power over it so you can make it work for you to achieve your goals.


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How To Build a Great Business Without Knowing Anything

Henry Ford

In today’s post I discuss how Henry Ford built an empire by using the power of specialized knowledge to build a billion dollar business. Ford gives the best example I know on the necessity of building a great team who all have their own area of expertise which, when combined, make your company as a whole far greater than the sum of its parts.



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