8 Powerful Benefits Of Being An Experienced Screw-up

If you look at my twitter profile, you will see the words, “experienced screw-up.” I think a lot of people try to be very cute and gimmicky when trying to describe themselves. The truth is, I was just trying to be accurate. Truth be told, those are quite simply the two words that pop into my mind when I try to give a two-word answer to such a heavily loaded question.

Being an experienced screw-up in my opinion, is one of my greatest qualities and there are some very specific reasons why.

I do believe however, that the benefits of being an experienced screw-up is not specific to me in particular, but to anyone else who has insight into the powerful benefits of screwing up on a daily basis.

Here’s a list of 8 Powerful Benefits Of Being An Experienced Screw-up

1) Puts you in Constant Learning Mode

I used to think I had all the answers to anything and everything that people threw at me. As it turns out, I didn’t know sh*t. The upside? Well, for one, it taught me how to shut-up and listen.

Additionally, Having the knowledge that I know so little makes me crave knowledge with a passion and soak up as much information as humanly possible. The result? I end up learning infinitely more in the process.

2) Acceptance Of Failure In Advance

I mentioned in the last post that I heard someone at a meeting the other week say, “know that you will fail today.” The truth is, we all fail and screw-up at something every day.

Accepting the fact that you can AND WILL screw-up takes away the fear in advance and to me, that is a game-changer as learning how to overcome fear is one of the powerful conquests an individual can have.

3) Beats The Ego Into A State Of Humility

I love confident people. I love them almost as much as I hate egotistical pr*ks.

Knowing you are in a constant state of screwing up puts you in a state of humility. When you couple confidence with humility you hit the jackpot.

4) Proactive vs. Reactive

If you are screwing up that means you are being proactive as opposed to reactive. Translation: You are in the game.

Lebron James can AND WILL go the entire season with no screw-ups, not a single mistake… if he sits on the bench and watches everyone else play. Or… he can screw-up 18 of his 37 shots and score (at least) 38 points. Which do you think he would prefer?

I did an interview with Daymond john in Forbes a few months ago on how to learn from failure. One of my favorite comments that he made from that interview was, “if you’re not making mistakes you’re not making moves.”

5) It Reminds You To Get Help

Being an experienced screw-up makes you come to terms with the fact that you can’t do everything yourself. You need help. Everyone does.

When I screw-up enough at something I do one a few things. Either I keep trying until I get it right, OR, I delegate the responsibility to someone who has a better skillset in that particular area.

6) It’s How I Know What I Don’t Know

When Gary and I started our first business in college, I took the job as the designer and he ran the business side. As it turns out, I suck at designing and he is great.

What happened? We switched roles and built a great business… until we screwed up of course.

7) You Are Part Of An Elite Crew

The greatest entrepreneurs in the world have had and continue to have screw-ups. Here are a few experienced screw-ups you may know.

Jeff Bezos

THE SCREWUP -Amazon Auction

Bill Gates

THE SCREWUP- Traf-o-Data

Richard Branson

THE SCREWUP- Virgin Brides & Mates (Condom Company)

8) It’s Not Only Boring But Useless To Talk About How Great You Are

That one is self-explanatory but must be mentioned. I learn nothing from people who talk only about how great they are or how they succeeded without mentioning the screw-ups they made to get them to succeed… and if they say they didn’t have any screw-ups… they are full of sh*t.

If you are a reader of N2ITIV, you know I wrote a book entirely dedicated to my failure, entitled, How To Ruin A Business Without Really Trying. It is a 13 chapter 200+ page book filled with case-studies of all of my screw-ups. Then, AFTER I describe the screw-up, I talk about knowing what I know now, how I would go about things differently.

The goal is for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn from the mistakes of others (like me) so you can concentrate on the screw-ups you can’t avoid.

Final Thoughts

I encourage you to screw-up today, hopefully more than once!

Here’s your assignment (assuming you wish to take it)….

What is 1 thing you screwed up on in the past and how did it help you?

… Please, however, take note of one request… Normally I encourage people to answer me via email and it is getting a bit tough to manage. If you can, please use the comment section below. That way I can guarantee I will respond to all of your comments!

Have a great day!




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