Help For Entrepreneurs Stuck In The Mud

Gary & I believe the best way to provide help for entrepreneurs is to show what we have learned from our experience in business, and that includes both the good, the bad and of course the very ugly…

Our first year of the N2ITIV blog we focused mainly on article and video based content as it related to our experience. A few months ago, however, we made a decision to take new content and, rather than the normal posts or videos, create a solution-based video module section on the blog in order to give step by step insight and direction for those that may want a little more structured content.

The result a series we have created called, The Bear Esssentials. This series is geared strictly to provide help for entrepreneurs who may have reached a point where they are not sure where to go or what to do.

The first 8 Modules cover what we feel to be the most important element of your business, namely your brand. These modules cover subjects including:

How To Brand A New Company

Branding Campaigns

Creating A Brand Story Worth Remembering

Steps To Build A Framework For Your brand

Designing A Brand Identity

Examples of companies who Achieve Branding Brilliance

Brand Specialists- Who They are and what they can do for your company

Watch the short intro video below and then click here to open the Bear Essentials page.

Click on video below and Enjoy!


Once on the page you will be able to watch the series, whenever and wherever you want. There is a lot to watch so I suggest take it in doses, module by module. Some are short and sweet, others are longer and cover more detail. If you have a business or are starting a business, I think these videos will come in extremely handy.

If you want to explore a more in depth look at starting a business and raising money, Gary and I have shot 4 FREE product training videos that we have created that provides a much deeper and comprehensive look into starting a business. To visit that section, click here now.

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Daymond John
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