How Authentic Leadership Can Build a World-Class Business

Learning what it takes to be a great leader is easier said than done. I believe that motivating your team and developing a mutual rewarding and beneficial culture within your organization is one of the key traits of great leadership.

During my career, I have been fortunate enough to have worked for not only myself but for very large corporations as well. In 2006 I grabbed the opportunity to run a division of JC Penney and, to take a line out of Floyd Mayweather, with hard work and dedication, I ended up running 5 divisions and increased overall revenue in excess of 500 Million Dollars per year.

I have created this video below to give you my personal philosophy of leadership and what I think are the key components to being a great leader.

After you watch this video and if you enjoyed it, I suggest you check out the post 5 Must-Have Ingredients To Be A Transformational Leader as well as The Key Ingredient Of Effective Leaders


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2 thoughts on “How Authentic Leadership Can Build a World-Class Business

  1. Hi Gary,
    Thanks For Sharing! The impact of leadership in building a successful business is quite enormous. Firstly, leaders make things happen—They are the catalyst for business success; they challenge the status-quo; they are vision-driven; they think differently. Secondly, leaders manage through times of change—They determine direction; they are goal-setters and goal-getters; they move organizations from where they are to where they need to be. And thirdly, leaders are revolutionaries—They face reality and mobilize appropriate resources; they encourage others to do the same; they leave a footprint that cannot be erased. Nice Post 😀

    1. Hi Chau

      Appreciate the great response. I agree with all you points! It’s funny how most people know the ingredients of a great leader, but are not able to express it from authentic standpoint.

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