5 Rules To Live By To Build Your Character During Chaos

Character is an idea that is earned and forged over a period of time. Your character reveals itself most when the road is rocky and uncertainty is abound. It’s a test of the human spirit and how it will respond when confronted.

Fight or Flight

Pressure has a way of dampening our spirit – the outcome of this event can leave you suspended in animation and unable to move. There seems to be this invisible monster that only WE can only see, and if we don’t move, we believe ‘It will blow over.’ The only problem, however, is that ‘letting it blow over’ doesn’t do anything other than weaken your spirit.

On the other hand, there are people that thrive amidst the chaos and uncertainty. It’s like fuel to the fire for them. We see it in sports, and we see it everyday at work. When we watch big sporting events on the big stage, we understand what’s at stake, and applaud those who are able to shift into another gear when the stakes are at their highest.

Chaos refines and exhibits our true character. The progression of your life depends on YOU meeting your internal challenges – it has nothing to do with anybody else but you! Part of thriving in chaos is more about you understanding the consequences than just being brave or having guts. Once you put the outcomes in perspective, the goal becomes much bigger than anything else – including the consequences of a negative outcome.

Consider these 5 perspectives to live by, and use them to build and extend your integrity. When times get tough, your perspective is a vital weapon in cutting through the chaos and finding your focus.

Character is at the heart of the human spirit and it will play an important part in seeing you through tough and challenging times. Dig deep and reveal your inner giant and see 1st hand how your confidence will rise to the occasion.

It’s not the hard times that define us. Those come and go. How we react to them however, is something we can carry with us and use for the next time. We know ‘The next time’ will come and like anything else, we must be prepared!

Work Hard, Work Smart & Stay Hungry!



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4 thoughts on “5 Rules To Live By To Build Your Character During Chaos

  1. Love the post Gary! If you can stay really, really hungry, you will do amazing things wherever you decide to focus your attention. Our character grows most quickly during trying times because this is a try-out for a new, higher level of consciousness, and subsequently a new way of living.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. I couldn’t agree more Ryan. Those trying times creates an opportunity to progress, but often times people would rather run or ignore it. I’ve learned to embrace it, and it looks like you have to!

      Work Hard, Work Smart & Stay Hungry!

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