7 Flat-Out Ways Entrepreneurs Can Become Super-Achievers

When I think of comfort-zones, I think of spas. I also think of my humble little man-cave where I take refuge from the fast paced world we live. The word ‘refuge’ is a good word for it – a shelter, a sanctuary.

I believe it’s OK to decompress, but some people build comfort-zones in their minds, and trying to move out of them becomes increasingly hard because of a lack of confidence and fear.

If repetition is the mother of mastery, then belief must be the mother of achievement. Like most things in life, we won’t take action in anything if we don’t believe in it. So the million dollar question becomes, how do we strengthen our belief system – the rules that our brains play by to get us to move and do?

Shape Your Reality, Shape Your Life

Perceptions undoubtedly shape what we consider to be real or unreal. In a lot of cases we focus on limiting beliefs that hold us back from achieving who we want to be and where we want to go. Comfort zones are like comfort foods, it’s where we have control and its where we understand the outcomes.

But in order for us to grow and achieve, we have to live outside of what we know and seek a greater reality that we may not understand or know of. In order to shape our lives, we must confront and fix our belief system. That’s where it all starts. So what’s the secret to it all, you may ask?

This quote from Socrates is a great way to look at it…

In certain respects we will always by tied to things that have been imprinted on our brains since childhood. Trying to tear down those beliefs will be next to impossible to get rid of entirely. The best way to start changing your perspective is to build new ones in areas that are limiting your ability to progress in different areas.

Have High and Far Reaching Expectations

Expectations is where you start. A lot of the great successes we see come out of the necessity to make dramatic changes in our lives. If your goals are too attainable or small, your motivation may ween because you’re already close to achieving it. It’s like setting a goal to lose 10 pounds when you know you should lose 20.

Start With Belief and Evidence

In order to  break down specific limiting beliefs, you need to discover why you deserve what you’re trying to achieve. Possibilities are often thought of because we see other people accomplishing them. A famous story Tony Robbins used to tell was about the long distance runner Roger Bannister, who was the first runner to break the 4-minute mile barrier. This ‘evidence’ provided people with the possibility it could be done. Within a year of setting the record, 24 people broke the 4-minute mark. Once it was done, then more people believed they could do it.

Relentlessly Visualize Your Achievement

In the above example of Roger Bannister, he relentlessly visualized the achievement in order to create a state of absolute certainty in his mind. Reaching any worthwhile goal entails some discomfort. During your journey, stress, pain and setbacks are bound to occur, but strong visualization builds an unbreakable level of certainty – an unyielding belief that you will be successful regardless of the circumstances. As Bannister himself put it, ” The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful, is the man who will win.”

Kick Down The Door (Barriers)

If it was supposed to be easy, we would all be successful at everything we do. Mental barriers are tough to break down, but that’s where the winners thrive. Once you believe you can do it, what is left are barriers YOU create. Most are imaginary, but none-the-less real to us. When these barriers start to take advantage of us, this is when we need to do some real soul-searching. It’s that place that allows us to be real with ourselves – where we de-clutter and regain our focus. We don’t allow negativity to build a wall in front of what we’re trying to achieve.

That 4-Letter Word Again

It seems like FEAR runs-a-muck in so many aspects of our lives.  And it’s natural to be fearful – we all have it during different aspects of our lives. So if we can’t get rid of it entirely, what do we do? Manage it the best we can, or expose ourselves to it gradually. Think about jumping into a cold pool. Some may jump right in – fearless. Others may start with their toe, then their foot, until completely submerged. Even if they beat the fear in small doses, they beat their fear and that all that counts. It doesn’t matter how you get there, as long as you get there!

Prepare To Be Confident 

Great athletes are confident in themselves because they have put relentless hours into their craft. Doctors become confident in their skills after thousands of hours spent perfecting their craft. This rule should apply to you to. No matter what you’re trying to achieve, learn about it up and down, so you build the necessary confidence and certainty in tackling the challenges.

What Gets Measured, Gets Done

Achieving something specific is not eternal. Specific goals should have specific time limits. The longer you let something run, the least likely it will ever happen. Motivation and progress decreases and the belief you will actually make it happen will turn to dust. Like the old saying goes, “A goal without a measurable outcome is just a pipe-dream.”

A little social pressure goes a long way. Don’t be afraid to share your goals with friends and family, as they will provide support, or negativity, and you can use that as fuel and a reminder of what you are trying to achieve.

Win the small battles, because eventually they will add up, and before you know it, you will have won the war!

Work Hard, Work Smart, Stay Hungry



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