6 Reasons Why I Encourage You To Fall Flat On Your Face

For any of you who know me, you are aware that, if you haven’t had the fortunate opportunity of falling flat on your face, I very much hope you do sooner as opposed to later. In fact, the more I care about you, the sooner I hope you get there so you can go through the experience.

There are tremendous advantages in both your business and in your personal life to falling flat on your face. For people struggling with addiction, it is called a low bottom. In business, it may be bankruptcy. Whether it is business or personal, a low bottom is a low bottom and bankrupt is bankrupt.

The good news is that once you are financially, physically, spiritually and/or emotionally bankrupt, it is a point in which there is only room for improvement, so if you survive, you can only get better.

Here are 6 great reasons to hit a low bottom and fall flat on your face.

1) Complacent No More

Once you have fallen flat on your face, you will learn that there is a good chance you will fall flat on your face again if you repeat the same behavior. Those who have not hit a low bottom have no idea that there is more room to fall (fail) so they are less inclined to pay attention. The result? They get complacent…that is until they fall and hit rock bottom.

2) The Gift Of Desperation

There is something very powerful in losing it all. It puts you in a position in which you have nothing to lose. This is where some of the greatest success stories take place. If you meet me and you look carefully, you will notice that I wear a token and a shoelace around my neck. If you want to know why, read the introduction to How To Ruin A Business Without Really Trying .

One of the biggest things I have noticed in the business world is the huge number of people from foreign countries who have come to America and become wildly successful… simply because they came to this country with nothing to lose. I know people who started with a 200 square foot hole in the wall and now have hundreds of stores.

I also know of someone who started with a falafel stand who now owns some of the greatest restaurants in NYC. The gift? Nothing to lose.

3) Humility

Until you fall flat on your face you have a ‘better than’ mentality. You think you are better than everyone. I know this, again, from personal experience. It wasn’t until I lost my first business and was mopping floors for a year and a half that I gained the humility that I have today (though I have a long way to go). This is a very important tip for entrepreneurs as ego’s can kill businesses at a very rapid and alarming rate.

4) Memory

Once you have fallen on your face you remember the pain of hitting the ground, so much so that you do whatever it takes to make sure you don’t hit the ground again… or at least cushion the blow. After losing another business in 2007, and, not having taken money out of the business,

I now know to put money aside just in case I get in the position of potentially falling flat on my face again, which I invariably will, as failure is inevitable. The difference is that I will have a pillow to cushion me for the fall.

5) Perspective

Much in the same way that without darkness we would not know what light is, without hitting a real low, we would have no perspective as to what it feels like to hit a high. Having fallen flat on my face a number of times I appreciate small victories as opposed to taking them for granted and expecting them.

6) Perseverance

Once you have fallen flat on your face and have gotten up only to walk again, you will have a much stronger and resilient mindset when you fall on your face again. Knowing that you have fallen on your face before and stood up to tell the tale will give you the insight to know you can get through it and stand once again.

So I encourage you to fall on your face and fall as quickly and as hard to the ground as humanly possible. Believe it or not, in the long run it will be the best thing that ever happened to you.

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