15 Reasons Why Being Realistic Will Lead You To Being Average


Being realistic, for most, has meant leading a life that we can predict, and where the ‘unknown’ has little chance of rearing it’s head.

If your idea in life is to experience new things and continually progress towards personal fulfillment, then being a realist will surely jam the brakes on your path to get there.

Felix Baumgartner (above pic), expert parachutist, best known for his stratospheric jump and free fall, exemplifies a person who focuses on expanding his own boundaries. Yes, his may entail life or death acts of courage, or some may say he is a crack-pot, but his principles are built on why we as humans progress.

 – Ability to see ‘What Could Be.’
– Belief of ‘What Could Be.’
– Desire to act on ‘What Could Be.’

Lets face it, the average joe would probably think he’s crazy, but crazy can be interpreted in different ways. I’m sure Felix believes it’s crazy not to challenge yourself and go beyond your comfort zone.


Are we giving up on the possibilities in our lives because being realistic is just plain easier and non-confrontational?

Are we blind to the extraordinary things that happen around us all the time?

Shouldn’t that be the reason we say, ‘I Can.’ For Heaven’s sake, we’ve landed on the moon! Isn’t that enough reason to follow your dreams – which are probably not as lofty as walking on the moon. If we continue to give ourselves the short end of the stick, then who gets the long end? Nobody! Because we are not competing with the world or anybody else – we’re competing with ourselves, but we seldom look at it this way.

Bruce Lee said it best,

Quick Question… Why is it easier to:

Eat junk food than to eat healthy food

Work a 9 to 5 than to start a business we’ve always wanted

Have careers we hate, instead of changing them

To blame the world for our problems vs doing something about it

To allow relationships to flounder when we can strengthen them

Maybe it all comes down to risk. The costs can seem so insurmountable that the reward is just not worth the investment. But this is an investment in You. Why on earth would you invest in things that don’t give you something greater in return? It’s irrational, isn’t it?

My take is that we sing a prelude of self sabotage and doubt to the point of making the real, well, unrealistic. I’m not saying that being realistic is bad – far from it! But I am saying that using a view point of realism as a basis for everything in your life, will lead you down a path of being average – which the world has plenty of.

If you are the select few that wants to experience your full potential, steer clear of these 15 excuses and remove them from your vocabulary and thoughts;

  1. I might not be as good as I think
  2. My friends and family don’t believe in me
  3. It’s too much work
  4. What if I fail
  5. I’ll do it when I have more time
  6. I’m too young
  7. I’m too old
  8. I haven’t seen anyone else do it
  9. I’m doing ok in life and don’t want to chance it
  10. Don’t want to waste all that time, and it not work
  11. It will be embarrassing if it doesn’t work out
  12. No time
  13. There’s no guarantee it will be successful
  14. I have a family
  15. I like (not love) the life I have now

Seeing is believing, so don’t think your way out of your possibilities. We can only know what we experience, and to experience is to try – which the average person doesn’t do. Sometimes you have to take yourself by force and allow new things to happen in your life, business and personally. Average takes no creativity, no will, no dreaming, no improvement and most of all it takes no real effort.

Do you really want to just sit in the recliner of comfort enjoying the easy life watching the lives of others instead of pointing that remote at your self and changing your life? … Hardly!

I’m with those who believe in self transformation in spite of circumstances and the opinion of others. I haven’t reached satisfaction yet, but every little bit of progress has made me stronger and better and I hope it does the same for you!

Work Hard, Work Smart & Stay Hungry




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