10 Reasons You Should Never Put An Expiration Date On Your Dreams

When we think of dreams, it often times seems like some far away reality that we’re in constant pursuit of. We tend to visualize our dreams as fairy-tales that are void of challenges and failures. Reality just gets in the way of a perfect picture of successful bliss.

Do we ever visualize heart-ache or setbacks? No, not really! … But I guess that would be more like a nightmare!

I often think about why some people have an insatiable appetite to make their dreams come true, while others desperately talk about them in hopes of igniting their own action towards them.

Mr. & Mrs. Excuse

The biggest reason I have observed is, the more people seem to prioritize their dreams, the more they tend to never give up on them! They re-tool and, in some cases change them entirely, but they never let them expire. Unfortunately, there are many others who approach dreams from the opposite viewpoint. They tend to say:

“I’m too old”

“Not enough Time”

“I fear failing”

“You have to be really smart”

“Nobody thinks I can do it”

These are all lame and lousy excuses – despite the fact that they seem reasonable and valid to the people who are saying it!

Mr. & Mrs. Action

Entrepreneurs with the proper mindset have a true compulsion that drives them to achieve their dreams. What they say is quite different from Mr. & Mrs. Excuse:

“The time is now”

“I will make time”

“I can make this happen”

“Success overrides failure”

“If they can do it, I can do it”

Before you allow your dreams to become a desolate place of painstaking memories, think about the following 10 reasons and examples that hopefully will motivate you to never give up until father-time comes a knockin’.

1. Ordinary People Do Extraordinary Things

The little guy now has the advantage. It has never been easier to develop an idea and get it to market. We see guys like Kevin Systrom, founder of Instagram, build a simple photo application and platform that is used by millions. Normal guy with a great idea!

2. Mini Steps Get You To The Finish Line

Don’t look at your dreams as some insurmountable project. Break your idea into small conquerable steps. Mini victories will continue to build confidence and desire.

3. Nobody Has Died From Failure (depending on your occupation)

Our egos get damaged, our confidence may widdle, but we live to fight another day. Failure, pain and disappointment are short term. Don’t treat failure as a terminal event. Think of failure as your university to learn and understand how to prepare for the next time.

4. Start With Why You’re Doing It

Understanding why you’re taking your idea from a dream to reality will be the necessary fuel in igniting your efforts. If your dreams or ideas are fleeting, then your efforts will come up short. Discover a powerful ‘Why’ and your efforts will be on auto-pilot.

5. Regret

There’s that old saying, “Its better to have loved and lost, then not have loved at all.” Well, dreams are the same – it’s better to have tried to achieve them, then not to have tried at all. We all have regrets of some sort. Your dreams never have to be put in that category unless you quit! Unlike physical pain, regret is a pain that can last a life time in your head, so leave it on the sidelines and do something about your dreams.

The next 5 reasons use examples of people who didn’t put an expiration date on their dreams.

6. Martha Stewart

Her success came after she was thirty. In her twenty’s she started off as a stockbroker. Then she and her husband bought and old farm house built in 1805, and restored it. These were the beginnings of her passion for home living.

Later on she started a catering business that spawned her cookbooks. Her break started on appearances on Oprah. She built Martha Stewart Living and became a billionaire when the company went public.

7. Colonel Sanders

Famous story but worth another mention. Talk about a guy who came full-circle at the ripe old age of 65. If he can make it anybody can! Dropped out of school (6th grade) and goes on to take care of his younger brothers. Not a good start! He then held several ‘non-career’ jobs like farmhand, motel operator, and army mule-tender to name a few.

In his forties he ran a small gas station and served food to make extra cash. The place was so small that the patrons had to eat in his house connected to the station. If there were ever any reasons to give up, he had plenty, but he fought through it all and reached the pinnacle of success starting in his late 60’s!

8. Helen Mirren – Hollywood Actress

She has become a household name but that was not always the case. She was a struggling actress for a number of years playing small roles in small films. Typically, Hollywood is unforgiving when it comes to ‘Older’ actresses, but Mirren kept at it . She got her break in her forties, and has continued on to be on the list of Hollywood royalty.

9. Gandhi

Started off as a lawyer, fighting prejudices against Indians in South Africa. He led in the protests against taxes imposed by the British. Eventually Gandhi led what was called Quit India, a civil disobedience movement, at the age of 73. Known for his hunger strikes that symbolized and represented his cause, he was imprisoned many times at such an old age. He lived his dream until he was assassinated by one of his own people.

10. Ronald Reagan

One of the most famous presidents in American history was a late bloomer. As it has been well documented, he started his professional career in Hollywood at the age of 26. Reagan appeared in over fifty films. In the early fifties , Reagan served as the President of the Screen Actors Guild. At the age of 55, he became governor of California and was re-elected in 1970. He followed his governorship by becoming the President of the United States. He was 69!

My advice is, whatever you do, don’t put a time-table on your dreams as, from what you have seen above, you would be amazed what happens when you keep at it, never quit and never give up !

Work Hard, Work Smart & Stay humble!



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  1. Hi, Gary,

    Great info here. A powerful why and breaking a goal down into manageable chunks are the two items that are part of my personal experience. When I start to feel overwhelmed by a task, I remember to go back and check if I have created too big an idea. Usually, that does the trick and I am able to find a smaller piece that I can handle to keep moving toward my goal.
    Thanks for the post,

    Susan Sherayko
    Author, Rainbows Over Ruins

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