Entrepreneurs: Risky is The New Safe

Traditionally, ‘taking the safe route’ in your career meant, quite simply, working for someone else. We have realized over the past six years or so that a significant amount of these ‘safe’ people with ‘safe’ jobs have found themselves out of work and in a world of trouble.

The reality is, when sh?t hits the fan, who is the person being let go, the owner of the business or the employees? I think you know the answer to that one. If you think about it, why shouldn’t it be any other way? After all, the person who built his or her business is the last one to stay. Why? Quite frankly, because they deserve it.

Hire Yourself

In the past several years, I have seen people who have worked thirty plus years for a company being released quicker than you can say the words, “no severance.”  I have seen people who thought they were so stable they thought they were literally immovable. As too many people have realized, this is far from the case.

So what are these people doing today? Well, many of them are deciding to ‘hire themselves’ and become the boss. If people aren’t going to hire you… hire yourself.

 Risky is The New Safe

I have learned that the only way to ensure your own safety is to be the master of your own fate. I would much rather take a risk in myself than put my career in the hands of someone else. Why? Because we always look out for #1. You may be thinking that’s a selfish thing to do but remember, we cannot help others if we don’t help ourselves first, right? As your flight attendant says, secure the mask firmly in place around you first, so that you may be able to help others!

Why Be An Entrepreneur?

These are some of the key reasons why I chose the path of the entrepreneur:

  • I believe I only go around once so I may as well do things the way I want, when I want , and and how I want. You may have different religious beliefs than me but, even taking this out of the equation, I still would want it this way even if I had thirty lives.
  • I don’t want to live my life trying to help someone else’s dream
  • I don’t want a cap on my responsibilities. Many people I know want and feel they can do so much more in their jobs, however they are not given the freedom to do as they please.
  • I want to help others. The only way I can help others is to first be able to take care of myself first. Too many people ‘want’ to help others but are held back because they get called in to do more work for someone else. I started my homeless foundation quite simply because I was interested in helping the homeless and I had the choice to allocate the time to concentrate on those endeavors.
  • Efficiency & Delegation- As an entrepreneur, I can be efficient with my time, taking care of what I am able to handle, and delegating the rest.
  • And here’s the big one- I want me to be the only person who can give me a pink slip.

So for those previously amongst the work force taking the ‘leap’ into the life of entrepreneurialism, know this: “risky is the new safe.” You are now in control… It’s all on you.

Enjoy the journey and… a toast to you the entrepreneur!

 Have a great day!



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