Gordon Gekko Was Wrong

43. Gordon Gekko Was Wrong

“The most valuable commodity I know of is information.”  Certainly a very powerful quote from the great film, Wall Street.

The only thing is, I think Gekko was dead wrong. Dead wrong about a lot of things he said, but let’s focus on this one. The thing I actually do give him (or his character) credit for is the three words, “I know of” After all, Gordon Gekko was certainly entitled to his opinion. Everyone is. To me, however, the most valuable commodity we have that “I know of” is TIME. Let’s take a look at why. Continue reading “Gordon Gekko Was Wrong”

The Entrepreneur’s G. R. I. T. – Get Results with Intensity and Toughness

44. The-Entrepreneur’s-G.-R.-I.-T.-–-Get-Results-with-Intensity-and-Toughness

Certain words never lose their value or the visuals they conjure up — and Grit is one of those words. When we associate grit with someone, it goes way beyond just being tough. It’s that something extra in the face of adversity.

Throughout the years we have seen many stories of grit, and it touches us so deeply when the human spirit triumphs over situations that seem nearly impossible to overcome. Continue reading “The Entrepreneur’s G. R. I. T. – Get Results with Intensity and Toughness”

What NOT Do In Business Rule 45: Don’t Pitch To The Designated Hitter

45. What Entrepreneurs Should NOT Do In Business Rule 45 Don’t Pitch To The Designated Hitter

Gary and I were in negotiations with a rather large company in efforts to secure an investment and to form a strategic partnership.

Our negotiations seemed to go very well and we arranged a follow up meeting the following week to discuss matters further. After the second meeting, it seemed that both parties were eager to continue. Continue reading “What NOT Do In Business Rule 45: Don’t Pitch To The Designated Hitter”

Be Really Good, Get Really Good or Give Up

48. Be-Really-Good,-Get-Really-Good-or-Give-Up

I’ve always been a person that believes everything you get in life is a result of the effort you put in.

Looking back, I assume I got this this attitude from my dad, who spent his career in the military and with that, came a strong sense of discipline and a do better than average attitude. He taught me that being very good at something takes both consistent effort and the ability to be prepared to deal with pressure and hardship. Continue reading “Be Really Good, Get Really Good or Give Up”

Entrepreneurs: Risky is The New Safe

49. Entrepreneurs-Risky-is-The-New-Safe

Traditionally, ‘taking the safe route’ in your career meant, quite simply, working for someone else. We have realized over the past six years or so that a significant amount of these ‘safe’ people with ‘safe’ jobs have found themselves out of work and in a world of trouble.

The reality is, when sh?t hits the fan, who is the person being let go, the owner of the business or the employees? I think you know the answer to that one. Continue reading “Entrepreneurs: Risky is The New Safe”