The Art of Work-Life & UN-Balance

This subject is a constant conversation for those that put huge efforts of time and energy into areas of our lives that are important. I believe un-balance is a reason why some people achieve meteoric success. Mastering your craft, involves dedication above and beyond what most people are willing to accept.


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2 thoughts on “The Art of Work-Life & UN-Balance

  1. I love digging in to the concept of work-life balance. I believe balance is achieved when I manage the quality of my time, not necessarily the quantity of my time. If I love what I’m doing- be it work or play- if that activity is positive and beneficial then I have balance.

    It’s important to be mindful of my limits and take care of my health, but it matters less how many hours I spend doing one thing vs. another as long as my activities enrich my life in some way.

    I also believe work-life balance doesn’t always exist in a 24 hour period. I have to look at balancing my life as a whole. I might have periods where I work more and periods where I rest more. Again, as long as I’m taking care of my health it’s okay to work more from time-to-time.


    1. Thanks Chrysta, Good points, especially that they both don’t always co-exist in a 24-hour period. As far as being mindful of our limits, that is very true, however easier said than done! Thanks for the comments. Appreciated!

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