Nastiest 4 Letter Word For Entrepreneurs: Q-U-I-T

Sometimes you get unexpected inspiration for a post. This one came from one my weekly runs in the park. In this video I discuss why and what makes us quit both as people and as entrepreneurs, and how we can beat that voice that tells us to quit. It is in our moments of weakness where we can have our most profound victories.


“MJ takes a new and exciting approach on how to teach entrepreneurs.”

Daymond John
Co-host of ABC's, 'Shark Tank'

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4 thoughts on “Nastiest 4 Letter Word For Entrepreneurs: Q-U-I-T

    1. Thanks for coming to the site! Fear may just be the number 1 obstacle an entrepreneur needs to overcome. Doubt + Fear = Destroyed Dreams!

  1. Hi Gary,

    If you can push through those frustrating moments and see your goals, in mind, you will never, ever quit.

    Make your WHY emotion stronger than any other to succeed.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Ryan – Your point is spot on! I think what we find out in those tough moments, is that there not as bad as we think. As my mother says, ‘Don’t make mountains out of mole hills.’ The worse thing that can happen doesn’t come close to the best thing that can happen! Thanks Man.

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