The Entrepreneur’s Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Everyone from athletes to entrepreneurs either fall victim despite them selves, or excel in spite of them selves. This struggle determines their happiness or grief, and whether they live a life of fulfillment or one filled with regret.

We tend to blame circumstances and people for things that don’t go our way. After all, it sure is easier to do that than to confront our selves’ right? Going to battle against our selves seems to be a no win situation. To me, it seems that the inability to overcome ourself and get out of our own way is the biggest obstacle that prevents us from achieving success and reaching our true potential.

Your Evil Twin

This internal conflict reminds me of the story “Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”. The story is ultimately about good and evil, and how a scientist struggles with a split personality.

In the story, Dr. Jekyll is fighting dark urges that make him do bad things, which manifests itself in Mr. Hyde. For the purpose of this post however, I want you to look at the relationship a bit different. In this case, while still both are polar opposites, your Dr. Jekyll refers to the safe, conservative you, the one that never takes risks and is full of fear. Your Mr. Hyde on the other hand, represents the opposite side of you, but in this case possesses the character of the dreamer, risk-taker and go-getter. The one that that throws caution to the wind and goes outside his (or her) comfort zone to get what he (or she) wants.

We all have a Jekyll and Hyde inside of us. We constantly run into and run over ourselves through the course of lives. So what can we do?  One answer would be to be knowledgeable of this dual personality and pick the one that produces some passion and purpose in our lives. This will give us the ability to look at our selves with true transparency and resolve as to what holds us back and how we can switch to our inner Mr. Hyde to take some action and go after what we want .

Your Dr. Jekyll Side

So how do you deal with this dual personality? It’s an internal fight between not so much good and evil, but between living the life of your dreams and, well, just living. The Dr. Jekyll side is where a lot of us have lived most of our lives. It’s our original self. It’s where we feel most comfortable.

But in the thousands of success manuals, comfort was not a great skill to improve on. We become satisfied. We get complacent with the comfort. In most cases it’s the reason we don’t meet goals we have set for ourselves. After all, being comfortable doesn’t really sound that bad, right? Well, if you are looking for terminal consistency, then you may be okay with this idea. I stand in the line where people want to experience things beyond their expectation. And I’m guessing you do as well.

It’s a very complicated dynamic that forges a war between opposite forces. Our Jekyll side is persistent in not allowing our selves to liberate and see what could be. It happens to us in every part of life.

Let me ask you a question… Why do most people fail to lose weight? Quite simply it is because it is a heck of a lot easier to eat what they want and not exercise, rather than to actually put in some work and take some responsibility. Make sense?

How about the stories of, “I’m gonna try”, “I might”, or “maybe I will”. Our Jekyll side plays tug of war with our Hyde side. If Dr. Jekyll wins you stay safe and probably don’t take action. If Mr. Hyde wins, well then, you are off to the races or at least give yourself a shot.

Your Mr. Hyde Side

We are all dreamers to a certain extent. Taking time to see ourselves in a different situation enables us to see possibilities. Let’s be honest, possibilities can be frightening for some people. Believing and taking action towards something that will change us should be exciting, but often times Dr. Jekyll comes in and instills doubt and fear. He’s like our neurotic Grandmother (no offense Grams). The issue is that unresolved ideas linger in our minds forever. It’s like a nightmare that lives in your conscious mind.

Mr. Hyde is the personality we need to tap into more. He should be the reason we breakthrough and fulfill our dreams. Yes, we may not understand where we will end up, but we know it’s much closer than where we stand today. When we conjure up Mr. Hyde, not only do we see possibilities, we start to believe in them. And once we believe in them, we take action in trying to reach them.

Do not however, take evil potions to do bad things! Use your inner voice to make a revelation to yourself to create breakthroughs… And remember, as you’re tapping into your Mr. Hyde, do not start to look like him. Because if you do you may just scare off all your possibilities!  :)

Struggle and Breakthrough

So, what should you expect from this internal war?

Well, just like any war, there will be plenty of struggles and setbacks. The mini failures you experience get you closer to your result. Continuously see and feel your results in advance. Make them Technicolor vivid. Discoveries weren’t made without taking a step, and self-discovery is no different. As you have mini failures, you will have mini successes as well, and those will be a constant reminder of why you’re doing it in the first place!

Personally, pain is what comes to mind first. I’ve always tried to improve myself to achieve specific goals that I have set for myself. None of it was easy! It’s so much easier to tell someone else how to do something than to follow your own words. Why? Because there’s no risk on your side. You’re outsourcing the risk to someone else.

We create fiction out of reality. When you were a kid you were probably afraid of the dark. Why? The Boogie Man happened to go to your house and hide in your room. Never mind the fact that nobody has ever seen the Boogie Man, but at the time, to you he was real, and there was no way you were going into that room with the lights off or without your parents. I’ll go out on a limb and say 99.99% of the time you were OK (always have to leave that one tenth of one percent for Murphy’s law). This thought process happens to us all the time, and it prevents us from moving forward in our lives.

So my suggestion to you is to let Mr. Hyde out, even if it’s a little bit at a time, so you can start to expand yourself and live a life filled with achievement and fulfillment… and no regrets !

Have a great day!



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