There Is No Such Thing As An Expert!

In this video, I talk about how there is no such thing as an expert. No matter how much skill, knowledge or talent you may have at something, there is always someone who is doing it better than you. The importance of knowing this is that you can use this knowledge as a tool to motivate yourself to be better in everything you do.





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Daymond John
Co-host of ABC's, 'Shark Tank'

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11 thoughts on “There Is No Such Thing As An Expert!

  1. I love this MJ! I agree with everything you are saying!

    I’m just like you. I’m starting to get annoyed with self proclaimed ‘gurus’. That’s partly why DJ Thistle and I have started SteamFeed.

    Tell it like it is! Good job!

  2. Thanks Daniel. Yeah, def gets on my nerves! Thanks for the comment. I am going to check out SteamFeed. Have a great one.

  3. Agree with you MJ. What also gets me annoyed is the advice given to others that the only way to get ahead is to be an expert. Wrong advice.

    When anyone says they are an expert often I notice is that it is based on a few short years and not with the attitude of keep on learning. The best example I give is a Professor of Medicine I know. He actually is an expert in one area of oncology and would never use the term expert. Yet he is always learning and developing his skills from others and by his own experiments to help his patients survive the cancer.

    1. Thanks Susan. Yeah, I think a lot of people self-proclaiming themselves experts actually gets in the way of their own success. If we take the approach of ‘continued learning’ like you mention, we can see that saying we are no ‘expert’ is actually a great thing, showing us that we can always learn more and continue to grow, like that Doctor you mentioned who seems to really ‘get’ what we are trying to say. Thanks again. Best-MJ

  4. You said it yourself, “SELF-proclaimed”. Nobody told them they were a master or guru or expert, they just decided they were one….why I don’t know. I can’t fathom ever calling myself a social media expert because even though I know a lot about the subject, this field is forever changing and to call myself an expert would be lying to all those around me and who trust me to show them the way.

    Expert, guru, master, etc, totally is BS. You are so right on the barrier aspect, people really do get intimidated by people who are ‘gurus’ or ‘experts’. I know I used to when I first got started. Luckily I distanced myself from those people and quickly realized I was way better off.

    A good example would be when Google+ came out and within a week people were already claiming they were an EXPERT at it and writing books about it!! I was astonished! I couldn’t believe people had the audacity to call themselves an expert on something that 1. isn’t even theirs, and 2. is brand spanking new and constantly changing! Those books that they published about Google+ when it first came out are now OBSOLETE.

    This topic fires me up, too! :)

    You really said everything I’ve always wanted to say – and do say – on a daily basis. We’re all consistently learning, let’s embrace it! :)

    1. Thanks Morgan. Yes I agree to the above! I think the people who are truly on the very top of their game consider themselves to be lifetime learners, which is probably one of the main reasons why they have gotten as far as they have. Yeah that Google + example you gave is hilarious. The only thing I can confidently say I am an expert at is SCREWING UP! … Yet for every screwup, IF WE LEARN FROM IT it’s actually a good thing right? Thanks again so much for your comment. Will be looking at your site in further detail over the weekend but liked the intro vid! Have a great one :-)

  5. Great to hear someone finally get this in the open. I don’t know why internet businesses love the word ‘guru’, but it’s pretty much the standard now. You are right that it is deterrent to new people entering the market – if only newbies knew that most of the ‘masters’ are still learning.

    1. Thanks Nathaniell. Yes, people throw around the terms quite a bit! The day I master something is a day I will be very disappointed as I will have nothing left to learn! Have a great day- MJ

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