3 Keys To Customer Acquisition: Creation + Quality + Value

Online entrepreneurs have the inevitable task of creating content for their audience. The end goal of content is customer acquisition. More people, means bigger lists which hopefully means more green backs.

The conversation regarding content always comes down to quality. In most cases quality is a given in any business. Acquisition is a process made up of 3 components with regard to content.

 Creation + Quality + Value = Acquisition

When you look at these 3 components, the value part is where customers buy in. Quality alone is not a reason to engage in your content.

The bigger question at hand is, how do you create high value content consistently and all the time? The internet is the perfect storm of information and it tends to get bigger by the second. Great content serves as a lighthouse that navigates the online community to valuable content and steers them away from poor content. Keep answering the question “how will my content be a consistent light in an information storm that has poor and great content swirling around all over the web?”

 Why Managing Content is the Key

Most articles and discussions on content always talk about quality, but few talk about the real challenge of managing a mountain of content that has many forms. Especially for newbies entering the online ecosphere, content creation is a struggle.

When you do a little research, and discover the amount of valuable content you have to produce through several channels consistently on a weekly basis, a feeling of suspended animation takes over. Yes, you’re still breathing and you still have a heart beat, but there’s no movement.

Let’s look at the core content vehicles.

1) Blog Post Creation: Article writing for your blog is a daily matter. Whether you release them daily or not. If your blog is your store and information is your product, then being current and relevant is a top priority. Getting people to your website is half the battle, don’t disappoint them with poor quality.

Think of it as though the 1st look of your website is the appetizer and the content is what your audience will devour if it’s good.

A ham sandwich would be a poor follow-up to a great appetizer!

2) Blog Video Post: There’s one stat from Youtube that always shows me the power of video.

60 Days > 60 Years: More video is uploaded in two months than the 3 major U.S. networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) combined created in six decades.

Enough Said!

3) Social Bookmarking: A platform that is specifically designed for your content to be shared with other like minded individuals. Search engines give a lot of weight to information that is “shared” or “liked”. Which in turn gives you the quality back-links you need for better search rankings.

Twitter: Over 90mill unique visitors

Digg: Over 28mill unique visitors

Reddit: Over 16mill unique visitors

StumbleUpon: Over 15mill unique visitors

4) Podcasting: Being able to leverage your expertise across another medium gives you better reach. Building flexibility into your content gives it a better chance to be absorbed. Allows you to create an exclusive content environment.

 The Conundrum

All the of the above vehicles sound great and can put your business or idea on the map, but how do you do it all at a high level? Initially you don’t. Making progress involves a mixture of comfort and un-comfort.

You should always measure quality and consistency first. If you feel either of these are lacking, you are probably biting off more than you can chew. These are imperative in getting to value. But you don’t have to absorb the entire content creation blow. There are organizations out there that can assist you in getting content developed. Textbroker.com seems to be gaining momentum along with Elance.com.

A friend of mine sucks as a writer but understands the key factors in running his business. He basically outlines all the key points on his subject and has someone put it in the right writing quality.

He still maintains his vision!

Being overwhelmed is natural. Don’t get discouraged. Bite off what you can chew, but always keep eating!




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