Websites have gone from technically too difficult, to even a 6th grader can do it. Creating a website is fairly easy to do but that’s not really the point, is it. Or is it? People in general tend to separate creativity and strategy for some reason.

Creative people think it’s a visual aesthetic only. Web strategists, on the other hand see function, layout and navigation.

 Design is Strategy and Vice Versa

When you look at  the top successful companies, they pay close attention to how it’s all engineered to serve the end customer.

Some websites are designed not only for you to come back, but to keep you locked in like a tractor beam from Star Trek. Fast Company and Mashable are good examples of how to engage and keep. Yes, they have staff members a mile long, but just their front page gives us all a lesson in websites being designed strategically.

Clean, Concise, Attractive and Interesting!

 Lets Discuss 6 Points You Must Consider

  •  De-Clutterfy. We all been on websites that look like flea markets. It’s the first thing you notice when you visit someone’s website. We’re in fast and convenient times, and if we feel it will be tedious to get the info we want, we leave. We want clean concise chunks of information. As those of us that create information content, we sometimes like to not only hear ourselves speak but hear ourselves write. My advice to writing? …Short snappy paragraphs.
  • The About Receptacle. Doing business online requires more aggressive engagement tactics. Often times who you are plays a significant role in building trust and engagement. Many websites have vague about pages. Its like giving your resume out with just your name on it. I see it as a perfect time to market the human behind the machine.
  • Share- Centric. There’s 100’s of millions of frenetic social media participants that make billionaires over night. Those billionaires built solutions that focused on people sharing. Sharing equals pre-qualified content. If its worth sharing, it’s worth something. And that something builds traffic and potential customers.
  • Wordplay. Headlines are magnets to your content. Sensational headlines stir interest. It’s the sole reason to stay tuned in. Exceptional headlines can be works of art psychology. You notice how shows like E Television always promotes the next segments coming up before the commercial, or how sportscenter has that bar of headlines on the left of the screen, so you know what’s coming up. Create a reason not to leave.
  • Photo Savvy. We’re humans and we are visual beings. Pictures are eye-candy that create visual touch points unconsciously. Use them because they can be optimized for search engines. Google loves some pictures!
  • Video Impact. If engagement is truly at the center of your universe, then video is a must. It’s the great motivator to getting people engage in your expertise and creativity. Human connection remains a strong aspect to people seeking solutions.
  • Respect My Authority. There’s 2 components of authority; search engine authority and people authority. Both are equally important and need to be done simultaneously. Search engine benefits take time but the older you get, the better you should rank over time. People sharing and recommending your content creates traffic and fans. Only put out great content!

Obviously, as you continue to master your universe, a more sophisticated strategy will be necessary to continue growing.

If you must have them, what will they accomplish? That’s a fair and rational question. I consider these foundational pieces of your web strategy because of these important factors;


  • Building easy consumable information creates a place for repeat customers. Simplicity and convenience respects the time of your readership
  • That old saying that “you are the product” is so true. When people have comfort, confidence and trust, you have a loyal fan base.
  • The internet is a tsunami of information and its power is generated by the people and for the people. Build 2 lane highways that will enable readers to form community. Share, Share, Share!
  • Having easy consumable info is great, but it has to reach out and touch someone. Create havoc, drama, humor and solutions that glow in the dark. Killer headlines!
  • Photos are the great supporter of content. Think of them as a double take you do when you see someone you’re attracted to.
  • Video is the human side of your company. Search engines consider video a higher level of quality content. People are more likely to retain the spoken word over the written. Engagement quality goes way up.
  • Trust is the place you’re trying to get your readership. The longer you exhibit trust, the better authority you become. Consistent quality all the time!

These factors should be a consistent theme throughout your online business life. Once you can manage these, start implementing more sophisticated methods to Create exceptional value.




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